Important things on YouTube that successful YouTubers need to know

All YouTubers need to know

A radical on YouTube’s algorithm for the last few years and since I’ve been with YouTube for those two thousand and ten years, so every time I’ve been there and I’ve seen where YouTube has gone. . And since I’ve been making videos on YouTube for a long time, I have some ideas, what to do to make that YouTube channel a success? Or what are the things to follow to keep a channel growing? So today I will give you five tips from my experience that if you follow the tips you will get quick success.

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Tips: Never give three or four bad videos. It’s a terrible thing. Note that not all videos on our channel are of the same regulation. When we upload videos, if we give five videos, then three videos are good and two videos are bad. Some people may have four good ones and one bad one. So the process here is that you have to make sure that three or four videos in a row don’t perform badly, by bad video I don’t mean that the regulation of your video is bad, it could be that you have posted a video on a topic on your channel,

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    People are a little less interested in that topic. So never give a video like this that you have given four videos. The content of these four videos is less interesting to this person. What happens is that your channel is performing very well. The more views you have, the more satisfied you are. All right? He gave the next video and did it badly. Then he gave the third video, which made it worse. The fourth video made it worse. Then came the fifth video, which you were hoping would get a lot of views. This video was supposed to be very popular.

    The topic will not be viewed even after a lot of importance because the previous four videos performed poorly. This is how YouTube’s algorithm works, so whenever they see that a video has performed poorly, they look at the next video and see what the next video looks like. Whenever the next video reaches the people, and if the people do not respond well to the video, then try the third video, whether the third video performs well or not? If the third video doesn’t perform well, but after all the impact on your channel, then look at the video that you will give to the algorithm of YouTube and you will feel that people do not respond well to the previous three videos.

    That means this video will not feel good so we will show this video to fewer people now. You will then reduce the impression of the channel. So keep this in mind, whenever you see that the view of a video is getting comparatively less, it is less than you expected. In the next video you need to give a little more importance. If your topic is planned in the serial, I will give it later. You need to change the video publishing time, change it if you have a good idea in your head You give it later. This means that when your channel is tied to a specific video in a video, you can try to wash it in the next video and try to make that video perform better. Three or four videos in a row should never go down. That being the case, it will take a long time to get your channel up and running again. So remember this thing

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