Huawei overtook Samsung

Samsung overtakes Huawei

Huawei topped the list in the second quarter of the year. Although the global demand for smartphones has declined due to the corona virus epidemic, Huawei’s smart phone giant has risen to the top spot in the Chinese market due to increased sales. Citing market analyst Ken Les, the news agency Reuters reported that Huawei had supplied 58 million devices from April to June, while Samsung had supplied 57 million devices at the same time.

Huawei’s business has been hampered outside of China due to pressure from the marking state, but data from Canalys says the company is gaining ground in the local market. Currently, two-thirds of the distorted Chinese market belongs to Huawei. Due to the virus epidemic, the company’s business in China also decreased in the beginning. Later, Huawei’s business grew again due to the reduction in the number of new victims in the country. However, the company’s sales in China have declined as the prevalence of corona virus continues to rise in other countries.

Overall, Huawei’s sales fell five percent in the same quarter a year ago. Samsung’s phone sales at the same end of the year fell 30 percent as demand for Huawei fell in key markets such as Brazil, the United States and Europe. A spokesman for Huawei said: “Our business is showing us exceptional growth in these difficult times. Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, is launching for the first time in the country. Apart from Bangladesh, the company is starting its journey in Pakistan and Sri Lanka with the celebration of all personal favorite and world famous songs.

Users in Bangladesh can enjoy SpotFi Premium by spending one hundred and ninety nine rupees per month. The premium for a maximum of six family members is only three hundred and nineteen rupees. Family subscription plan. The new attraction of SpotFi Premium for two people living in the same house, SpotFi Premium will be available at Rs.

Under this subscription plan, users will be able to enjoy their favorite songs through Duo Max regularly updated playlist facility. Xiaomi has launched a few brand new phones in their Realm series, the Real Mi Eight. Today I will tell you about all the features of this phone so stay with us to know all the details about this phone. This phone has GSM, HSPA LT and Five features.

Its body dimensions are one hundred and sixty eight inches by seventy five point one inch eight point five millimeters. This phone will weigh one hundred and eighty four grams and the phone has the advantage of using dual SIM. It has a super emulated display of six point five inch full HD + resolution.

Refresh rate is one hundred and twenty hajj. The ratio of its body to the screen is eighty-five point eight percent. Its resolution is one thousand eighty expansion two thousand and PPA identity is four hundred and two. Its operating system is Android Ten Chipsets, an octa-core processor built to qualify for MTS’s Eight Nine Zero.

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