views are not coming, the channel is not increasing, why is that?

Views not coming:


Our views are not coming The channel is not growing Why is this? Why is this happening? There are multiple reasons why views aren’t coming to your AI or your channel isn’t growing. Not one but multiple reasons and these reasons or these mistakes are very important for you to know but your channel will not get views.


If you do not fix these, your channel will not receive views or increase your channel in the future or any day. So in this video we will talk about those problems and those mistakes and how those problems can be overcome. But before that I want to say one thing that I want you to


Don’t blindly believe my words. That is why I will give you every reasonable proof behind the things I will say or the points I will show you. We’ll see what the YouTube Creator Community or YouTube Adars has to say in the forums where we already have a lot of successful creators.


You can read what many people are saying there. All right? So, there will be logical evidence behind every word. Our first mistake is to give the right title to the right title. Giving the right title means there are many YouTubers or new YouTubers who don’t give the title in the right way or don’t research the right keywords for the title.


1. Title in Bengali or other regional languages:


There is no problem for those who give titles in Bengali or other regional languages. But always try to give the title in English. Giving the title in English increases the chances of the video being ranked. Later, when your channel is monitored, the chances of getting ads in those channels are much higher when they have English titles. All right? And this title is the only thing that can move your ACO forward at once, meaning that the title plays an important role for an ACO, so it’s very important to give the right title.


Admits your own title which means don’t do the title of the video like this. Take a simpler title and try to give it in English.

2. Suitable tag:


Many people don’t take tags seriously. There are a lot of people on YouTube who have given some tags but they have not given some tags. Didn’t do the right keyword research, didn’t do any tag research, didn’t do anything, put whatever he could. You don’t have to do that. View tags These tabs are very important for posting your video but will send your video to the list of suggested videos. So proper keyword research and proper tagging is very important in your video. And also your video ad based on this tag will also come but.


If you add ads, your video will get a lot more ads later when your video will be monitored. So try to research the tags properly so that you don’t have to create your own mind with the tags you want.

3. Suitable thumbnails:


Proper thumbnail means not giving the correct thumbnail. There are two ways to not give this correct thumbnail

A is. People put some sexually provocative thumbnails in their videos. Some give pictures of the girl, give the picture of the girl with open chest or something like that. In which a lot of people are attracted and that video falls at the level of click bet.


If the click bed is once in your video or if YouTube understands once, then your video will no longer be included in the list of organic views or organically your video. Will not promote. It’s too bad. This is detrimental to your channel. And what’s in the second section? Some people give thumbnails. There are many who do not practice rituals, do not separate themselves into thumbnails. And those who make thumbs do not make thermals consistent with their content.


It is very important to create thumbnails correctly because people come to your video after seeing the thumbnails. People can’t see your video before. Thumbnails are already attracted to thumbnails, but people want to see your video? So thumbnails are very important, never make a mistake in thumbnails.

4. Executive Social Media Share:


Excessive social media sharing Many people have the idea that if we share the video we uploaded on many social media Facebook, Instagram, or your If you share it on umhusapp, you will get a lot of views and all our friends will see it. But this is not the case. When we share with our friends, share on social media, not everyone sees.


Ten percent of people see it for you, but no one loves your content. No one is greedy for the content or you don’t want to look at the content. So many people just look at your face. So those who see it but do not see the whole. So listeners are detained but you don’t get much from those videos. Hmmm. Get very few ordinance detentions.


So the first time you upload a video, the views are coming from the audience if the detention is very low, but YouTube does not promote your video anymore. . So after all the video views you got from that share, then there are no new views. So it is not a profit by sharing more but a loss of the channel. Okay?

5. Viewing your own content:


Viewing your own content means viewing your own content. After uploading the video, if you repeatedly watch your content from your phone or laptop from computer to your parents’ mobile phone, when YouTube tracks the IP addresses that are coming from the same IP address or the same WiFi signal, then what is YouTube? Freezes the views of your videos and your videos are no longer promoted on YouTube. Biological philosophy no longer comes from there. So you don’t have to do these problems. You don’t have to watch your own video again and again.

. Upload time:

Upload time, meaning many people upload their videos at the wrong time. Some uploaded at midnight, some just before going to bed at night. Some people uploaded the video very early in the morning. Doing so does not mean that the content you have means the exact timing of an upload. The type of videos you are making are the type of channels that are successful channels. See when they are uploading those videos.

Follow it first, see them follow when they’re uploading? You also start uploading videos at that time, because that is when the most views come. That’s the right time to upload videos to your category channel. Then you will gradually realize that when you have a lot more experience, you will realize that if you upload a video at any time, it will be used in your video, when you upload, you will get less views on the video. But when you first start, look at the successful channels your department has and follow when uploading. When you don’t need to upload a video, there is a right time to upload a video.

. Up

Load frequency:

Upload Frequency or Upload Consistency. There are many people who think that they have uploaded five videos for five days in a row and then they have not seen any for a month. You don’t have to do that. You have to maintain a proper consistency which means you have to maintain a consistency. If you video after five days, you have to video five days in a row, if you do it twice a week, then you have to do it twice a week.

If you give one a week, you have to pay one. The continuity of this upload needs to be maintained. I’m telling you, although I rarely maintain it, even though I really admit it, I can’t upload videos consistently like that, maybe in recent times. Yet I tell you, don’t do it like me. Try to upload videos continuously. Sometimes it takes me seven days, sometimes it takes ten days, sometimes it takes twelve days. I try but can’t have other work to do.

But you should never do that. Never in the case of a new channel, you have to make a frequency of upload. An upload frequency and upload continuity should be maintained every five days or every seven days or every two days.

. YouTube Spamming ঃ

What is meant by spamming comments? Go to the comment of another’s video and sub-comment or you watch my video. Watch my channel. WhatsApp in words so if you do this sub for sub but youtube will freeze your channel or freeze your channel views or even terminate your channel but you can see here i but here is the policy you can read youtube but strictly speaking You should refrain from doing this sub for sub. You don’t have to clean this subwoofer. You are someone else’s video

Subversion should be avoided. You don’t have to clear this subfolder. You can only comment on other people’s videos. But go everywhere and link to your channel or subscribe. To say so. You don’t have to do that. You need to stop commenting.

9. Bad audio:

Too bad audio is too bad, very few people care, but very important. Fear of the video you are making if the sound of the video is not clear, if the video is not clear of the voice, if your voice is not heard properly, if there are different sounds in the background, but your viewers will take your video properly. No.

Your video or a professional mind set will not be created for you. So it is very important to have good audio quality in a video. So use the right gadget audio gadget, use labels or use Lobelia’s mic from which the quality of the video or voice is clear. All right. So you will pay special attention to the audio quality. OK?

10. Low quality content:

See low quality content. If this doesn’t happen, whatever you do will not increase your channel or your video. I’m just explaining the matter. Suppose you uploaded a video. Whether the video is in the category of video, whether it is cooking or tech or sports, whether it is related video, you are not uploading this video alone or you are not uploading the video in this category alone. Many are uploading this video on YouTube.

And they’re providing enough value. I mean, it’s good enough content, and maybe a lot of youtubers are giving you videos on the same topic. So when the competition is so high but your content has to be good. The quality of your content must be good. If the content quality is not good then people will not watch your video. See why. Besides you, there are many good youtubes who are also giving good content. So people will watch their videos. There is nothing wrong with that. No matter how good the ACO is, no matter how good your thermal is, if you don’t give good content, if the quality of the content is not good, but people will not watch your video in any way. Suppose your video thumbs up

Il has been very good or you have done ACO well. I may have seen your video thumbnail and clicked on your video.

But ten seconds after clicking when I realize that your video is not good or your video is not good quality. But then I will not watch the whole video. But I will come out after watching the video for ten seconds. So I saw ten seconds, it means you, but the listener, the hold was reduced. 1 percent and retention will not come. So when the audience retention drops so suddenly, it means that the ordinance detention of all the views that are coming is so low if people open your video if they don’t see your video,

If it comes out, but the audience retention will be reduced. But when the ordinance detention is reduced but YouTube understands or the price of the YouTube algorithm understands that this video is not good. People don’t like to see it. That’s why it’s coming out after ten seconds or five seconds. So that’s why your video will not be promoted on YouTube. That is the point.

So you have to make a video that is standardized so that once your video is viewed by people, the quality of the rest of your videos is as good as the rest of you. I became interested in watching the videos. It seems that yes, it doesn’t give good quality videos, I will watch Babu’s videos and it means that the rest of the videos or the videos that are there in the future, I want to watch, but he will also subscribe to that channel.

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