Is unofficial or invalid phone shutting down?

Invalid phone key shutdown:

Unofficial or illegal phones will be discontinued from Bangladesh and it is now fairly secure. He said that BTRC had been trying for two thousand and twelve years to stop the illegal phones in Bangladesh but every time they failed in their promise, which is why many of us did not believe. A few days ago I was skeptical about whether private phones or illegal phones are possible in Bangladesh at all, but recently this government has given this tender to a private company and has entered into an agreement with them and in that agreement that company called Synesis IT has promised that for next 120 days. In the meantime, they will implement this whole project and if we calculate the time, then by the month of April 2012, the illegal phones in Bangladesh will actually start to be shut down, so this time we think that it is finally going to be officially shut down.

So invalid phone calls will be turned off, which means we have customers and users. What if the phone we are using turns off? Or which phones will be turned off? I will discuss these issues today. So, first of all, for those who do not understand the difference between legal and illegal phones, the official phones are the ones that are legal in Bangladesh or the ones that are imported into Bangladesh according to the rules and regulations of the government.

This means that whenever a product enters Bangladesh from abroad, it is necessary to pay a duty, a tax. With that tax, when all the legal procedures are followed in Bangladesh, and when the phone is registered with BTRC, it is an official phone or legal phone and when those phones are imported to Bangladesh, they have to pay a hefty tax which As a result, the price of the phone also increased a lot.

As a result of which the journey of illegal phone starts in Bangladesh, it is either by evading the eyes of the government or by not paying the tax that is required to be paid to the government. Since you don’t have to pay the tax when you enter Bangladesh, the phones can be made at a much lower price, which is why illegal phones come to Bangladesh and you know that the phone companies that have no factory in Bangladesh, the illegal phones are a little lower than the legal ones. That’s why people tend to be a little illegal, so this unofficial means illegal phone.

It is invalid because the names of those funds are not actually written in the government book of Bangladesh or in the book of BTRC, the IMIA number is not mentioned in the name, and they do The reason that does not come with is that it is an invalid phone or invalid phone. So many people would ask me if there is any difference between the illegal phone at all, the hardware software or the features of the phone? No. There is no difference between software, hardware or phone features. The only difference is that one comes to Bangladesh legally and the other comes to Bangladesh illegally.

Now in our country but there are a lot of illegal phones or unofficial phones and as a government it is 32-35 percent illegal in Bangladesh so if these illegal phones are turned off, then many users But will die on the field. The network will not come to their phone then. The phone will not turn off. Their SIM connection, the connection of the SIM or the connection of the cellular data or the network that it will not come. So the first question is what kind of phone will be turned off. Many people think that only smart phones will be turned off or component phones do not fall under it.

In fact, all types of phones are covered, the phone with the IMI number will be covered. If you have bought a feature phone that is coming to Bangladesh illegally, it will also be discontinued. However, the good news is that the phones bought before August 2, 1919 will not be covered under this rule. Phones that have entered or been purchased in Bangladesh since August 2012 will actually fall under this rule and will be discontinued. Now the question is what to do when it stops?

The government has not yet enacted such a complete set of rules, but it is expected that there will be a rule of registration where you can re-register your phone if you follow the correct procedure. There may be such a system. Another question many people ask is whether it will be stopped with a phone call from abroad or not? It is better to know this too

If you bring a phone from abroad, the phone will not be switched off, but the phone must be registered.

So maybe someone has to show you a document that you are bringing from outside and there will be an amount that you can’t bring this phone from outside for one year at a time. You can bring a few phones. The full law may come soon. However, it can be assumed that those who are bringing from abroad are now on the subside, if there is any document, then you can open it later.

How will this rule affect the users we have overall? First of all, there’s a sense that the whole thing is very, very good for users. And I don’t see much of a downside to that. The good thing is that first of all the phone companies will be encouraged to set up more factories in Bangladesh because they will not be able to sell phones in Bangladesh with so much tax. Its price will then become competitive and will not be able to compete with other brands, if true. Because when the factory is in Bangladesh, even if it is consolidated, but the amount of tax is much less, then the brands can sell the phone at a lower price.

So for this reason our users have a lot of benefits for those who have. Because the phones are factory established in Bangladesh and they will be able to give the phone at a lower price at a competitive price and we will not have any problem. We can use legal phones so I don’t see any negative side of this row. But for those whose phone will be switched off and then for those who cannot register, there is definitely a point. But this is a kind of abandonment of small interests for the sake of big interests. Something like this can happen on the phone of someone who may or may not be able to register. Because of no trouble. What’s more, since it hasn’t been implemented yet, we’ll see what happens when the implementation takes place in April and I’ll try to bring it to you later if we get any more updates.

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