The non-monetized YouTube channel will now show ads

Non-Monetized YouTube channel will now also show ads:

YouTube has four big-five-six updates that you can’t miss if you are a youtube, which means you can’t miss them because if you miss them, You don’t know the rules, and if you go to work later, you will have a lot of problems. So, without much hassle, it is very important for you to watch the whole video today, because YouTube has come up with some bigger updates, and Monetization YouTube has come up with a much bigger update, which you must know. And besides, there is some good news, of course there is also sad news. So I will write about the whole thing today.

There are four very important updates from YouTube. There are also some short ones that are not important and we have not listed them. So we always start with the good news but today we want to start with the bad news. The reason is that the bad news is the most important. YouTube has come up with a big update to their monetization program and that is that even if your YouTube channel is not monetized, it will show ads in your videos and ads in your videos, so the whole amount of money you will earn from this video will be taken by YouTube.

This means you won’t even get four in Bengali words. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t had a thousand subscribers to your YouTube channel yet. Four thousand hours of watch time did not. Your YouTube channel has not been monetized. You will see ads in every video just like the monetization channel and there will be a good income from there. But YouTube will not give you a penny of this income.

Yes, but when you have one thousand subscribers to the YouTube channel, four thousand hours of watchtime, then when you apply, you will earn as much money as you earn. . But before that, YouTube would take all the money without monetizing, so I really feel bad about it because we work so hard to create content. Maybe you work harder than me to create content. Your channel may still be monetized. Otherwise, I will take the whole of YouTube by taking income from your YouTube channel. In fact, I feel very bad about it.

So how do you like this update? Please let me know in the comments so we can understand if it’s really good or bad. But then there are three very good updates for you and the first update is about monetization again. It is a bigger update in the monetization option of YouTube. Goes. But now there is an audio ad in this video on YouTube. And such apps will only show their channel. Other channels are usually related to music or stories, but we often watch videos that have nothing to watch.

But there is a lot of listening time and again but we play a video on youtube to listen to music with headphones we play a video on youtube to listen to music we listen to music with headphones. In that case, but you are not watching the music. So YouTube will do it, now one of these music ads will give audio ads. Then a lot of times but we are stories or different types of stories or historical stories but we don’t see them, maybe we listen with headphones in our ears, then it is seen that there will be an audio ad in this gold and you will get the income from this ad. So of course it’s actually a very good update that seems to be enough to make the mind a little better. But then there are still two more updates left.

Another great update is the background music, usually you see that those of us who make funny videos or those of us who make roasting videos make gaming videos is a maximum problem. It’s like where do I get the background music from, or the sound of fights in the background, then there’s the sound of laughter, something funny. If I download and add it to my video, then the description will not be copied. So YouTube has solved this thing. They have now added thousands of short clips of background music to the Audio Library section of YouTube.

From now on you can easily create short funny clips, fights, sneezes that mean the words need to be normal to make a funny video later, so all this music you can get directly from youtube You can take it, you don’t have to hold hands with Google or any third party, it will give you access to YouTube directly. We’ve got to the end of the video and the good news is that there’s a lot of good news about youtube, which means we can watch tick tock videos or watch short videos on Facebook or like videos. I don’t see it of course because it doesn’t become too much of a time to watch.

This is exactly the kind of platform YouTube is bringing and it’s called YouTube Shot and so far you may have noticed that if you explore the YouTube application on your mobile there is a common YouTube shot. There is no tap but in a few days you will find a tap called YouTube shot here. And the short videos of each channel will actually show up in YouTube shots. The short video is a completely different platform and from there you can have a good view and subscriber game. So in that case it will be seen that this youtube shot platform will come in handy to increase your youtube channel.

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