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March update for YouTube content creator

YouTube Content Craters Update:

YouTube Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. And the update is from now on, but you have to pay a fixed income tax to YouTube from your YouTube income, that is, you have to pay a fixed income tax to YouTube from whatever you earn. So almost everyone has received an email from YouTube saying that an update on taxes is coming from YouTube, that is, they have brought an update with a new term and condition and that is about taxes.

This means that whatever you earn from YouTube, you have to pay a certain amount of tax to YouTube, and after seeing something from the mail of that update, many people got into a lot of trouble and many people went after it. You have to pay twenty four percent tax to YouTube from your income. Assuming your income for this month is one hundred dollars, that is, your income is one hundred dollars, from there you have to pay 24% tax to YouTube. This means that if you have a hundred rupees income in your AdSense account, what will they do? So such an update is gone, but the update that has come, you must work according to this update.

If you do not work according to this update, then you will have problems and you will have to pay 24% tax. So what do you need to do with this update? What do you do and what don’t you do that will get you in trouble? So, I will tell you more about this update. I hope you will fully understand the meaning of this update that has come to YouTube.

And once you understand this, you will understand what you have to do. If you do not understand this update, but you will have a problem, so whatever it is, I will spend a lot of time saying nothing about this update. And what are the new terms they have come up with and why and what are the problems if we do not comply with this update? And if you work according to the update, then what are the benefits to you, so I will tell you in detail.

Anyway, now we will discuss the latest update of YouTube. I’m telling you. So you see everyone but this mail is coming and they have clearly stated there and it is clearly stated that you have to pay a tax from the YouTube from which you are earning income and of course one thing everyone should know. This update is only for those outside the US, but this update is only for them.

This update is for all of us who have Bangladesh, India, Pakistan or other countries but this update is for those who have Americans but not for those who have video makers outside America. Has been brought and they have made it clear that they will give you a form on your AdSense in a few days, that is, in a few weeks. A form will be given in the mail and you have to fill that form i.e. it is a tax document form. But you have to fill in the tax document file and submit it to them. And they said it must be one

You must submit before 31 May. Now the question is what will happen if you save? So the main thing about this update is that I am taking it first. The update that they have brought is that this update is like a video that you have published, but the world will get your video. They are watching your video, that is, different people are watching your video from different places. So maybe your video means watching from India, watching from Pakistan, then watching Singapore and watching from America.

And basically the update is that this update is that the videos you have, if the views of these videos come from America, that means one of your videos has one lakh views and from there tens of thousands of views, from America. Aslo, that is, there are Americans, they click from the location of America, they watch your videos, they earn money from there.

This means that you have video views from where only the views will come from America and the income that comes from the views from America will come from there but you have to pay tax to YouTube. If your views come from other countries then you will not be taxed.

So let me tell you again, I think you have a video, when you published it, but your video is being viewed from many countries. He thinks that India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and then other countries are sharing views. If you have any of these views, you don’t have to pay any tax on YouTube from here. But they have made it clear that if you have any views from the US from the videos that you have, that is, if an American person or someone from the US views your videos, all the views from there will be only the earnings from the US or the income you have. You have to pay a fixed tax to YouTube or here is the problem

They say that if you fill out a tax document form within a few days and you don’t submit it before May 31st, what will happen to the videos you have? Whether the views come from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India or any other place in the world, the total revenue of your views will be deducted from the twenty four percent of it. Understand that if you file their file, that is, the tax document file, if you do not file, then what will happen?

No matter what country your YouTube views from, no matter what country they come from, they will take twenty-four percent of the total revenue from your views because if you submit that form to them If you fill out that form, the tax document form, and submit it to them, only the views that come from the US will be the earnings from here, only what they will do from that earnings, they will take a fixed tax, that’s what this update says. All we have to do is wait for the income tax document form to come out of YouTube. So we still don’t know what will be demanded in that document.

So what do we have to do by doing all the things that will be asked there? So if we deposit but we will survive a lot because after the deposit only the views that will come from America, the revenue that will come from America, as a result of the views they will only take a fixed tax from there, but the views that come from other countries will be total income but we will have no tax from there. Don’t take? So there are a lot of people who make video macs targeting America and create English content or for those whose views are mostly from America, this update is a very sad update.

But the update is sad for all of us because we have to fill in the income tax documents and submit them and earn very little from there but we have to pay taxes to them. So basically this update has been said. Of course you have to keep in mind that whenever they get this tax document form, you must do what you want to do there.

You must submit there, but we will have a lot of problems. The bridges that will come from Evan even the vises that will come from our Bangladesh will be the total earnings from all the bridges but they will deduct twenty-four if we do not fill and submit their form and if we submit then the earnings from US will be only there From then on, they will deduct a fixed tax.

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