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How to prevent your YouTube channel from being hacked?

YouTube Channel:

A YouTube channel is a hobby of ours, a lot of pursuit, a lot of hard work. But after a lot of hard work, if that channel is hacked, then only those who have gone know how much it hurts. I’ve talked to a number of people who have been hacked after a lot of success, some of them have been able to bring back, most of them have not been able to bring back. So, how do you protect your channel from hackers? We know that after going to Hackhoy, there is a possibility that they will not be able to get it back. So it is very important to take precautions. We know prevention is better than care.

So today I will share with you six tips that if you follow, you can save your channel from being hacked and even if it goes hacked, you can easily recover from it. Protect your YouTube channel from hacking.

The first tips are Movie Channel to Off Brand Account. There are two types of YouTube channel accounts, one is a personal account and the other is a brand account. Personal account The first channel you open with an EL address is at your personal email address.

A branded account is a business account where you can add multiple affiliates if you want, which means that if you have a business, more than one person can manage that channel, or if you are in a group, open a channel with your friends so that they can manage it. For the brand account. So, whether your channel is personal or business, or team, you must convert the channel to a brand account.

The advantage of this is that it takes one day to remove the owner who has the primary owner in the band account. On the other hand, if you have a personal email, you will no longer have access to the hack, but will be able to remove and change the password recovery email. So if you go to a brand account, you will have time one day. If you feel that your channel has been hacked, you still have one day in your hand. If you do, they will be notified immediately and you will know immediately that the channel has been hacked. And that one day you will be able to bring it back in time. And there are plenty of videos on how to transfer to a brand account,

Tip number 2. If your channel is already in a brand account, or if you relocate to a brand account, the next step is to have a unique email address for your brand account. You collect the email address. To collect it, first go to MyA Account.google.com. After visiting this link, you will see a list of all your brand accounts, of course, with your email signed in to Gmail. Then click on the brand account where you want to find the email of the specific brand account.

After clicking go to Personal View Information from there, there is a private unofficial section after leaving. Once there you can see there is an email dress. Put the dress of that email in your collection and save it carefully because if ever your email address is hacked, even if you remove the email address, you will not be able to remove this specific email from that brand account. It is a unique email. Even then the brand will not be able to remove this specific email from the account

This is a unique email and can’t change it, so if you move your channel from your email to another email, you will still have a list of these emails under the brand account so you can identify your channel with Emlodist and support YouTube. This mail will still be of great use to you if you mail it, so be sure to keep the email in your collection.

Tip number three: This is a strong basic Creator password for you because your YouTube channel is under Emilites, so give a strong password so your email dress can’t be hacked and the password must be uppercase, special character to the lower. And if you do it in a combination of numbers, it is very difficult to be hacked. At least you can’t hack your channel with group attacks.

Tip number four: Continue your resumeUpdate blockers, email and phone numbers. Recovery emails and phone numbers We often give the phone number as our own, but we keep the email address. The problem then is that whenever you log in to your email from a new device but the recovery email is given a notification goes to the email that you have an email under this email was opened the email is signed in to a new device . So if you put a second email in the recovery email, then your primary email, in which someone accesses your YouTube channel, if someone logs in immediately, but you will get a notification in your second email address.

And if you sign in on the phone, the mail will come immediately and you will realize that the email you have is signed from a new device. If you don’t, there’s a link that says what could happen next if you didn’t sign up? If you follow that, you can secure your account again by changing the password and retrieving recovery emails or other things, so be sure to include a second email of your own in the recovery email and sign in to your mobile phone. Keep it safe enough and follow the next steps as soon as the email is notified.

Tip number five: Enable two-factor authentication. I’ve seen a lot of channels that are very large but Gmail doesn’t have two factor authentication because they don’t have security concerns. This is a big weakness for hackers, but you must have two-factor authentication on your channel or your Gmail. If you search on YouTube, you will find a lot of tutorials on how to install it. It is a very simple process.

If you do this, what will happen is that if someone signs in to the new device, a message will come to your phone, that message will come, you will not login until you give the code. Although there are some tricks to bypass them, there are very few hackers who know that if you enable two-factor authentication, then pretty much 99% of the time you will be saved from hacking.

Tip number six: The emails you receive in your email often contain different types of links. Avoid clicking on those links. How to understand if you do not click on any of the links? First, those who run the YouTube channel get a lot of sponsorship deals. Different companies from different countries will send you mails, and there will be some people offering you products, many expensive products, some are offering iPhone, some may be offering iMac.

Different companies from different countries will send you mail, and there will be some people offering you products, some expensive products, some people are offering iPhone, some people may be offering iMac. If the texture is not entertainment or any other channel may be interested in sponsoring you for branding for the promotion of a site. And there will always be less than one thing, they always mention the prize.

And one thousand dollars two thousand dollars eight hundred dollars will give you such a very large amount of money. But keep in mind, whenever a company comes for a sponsorship, they don’t mention the price. There may be about one percent of companies who will pay you for the sponsorship. There are a lot of companies that do this so if you see the price is too high, then understand that it is a scam or scan and if they give a link then refrain from clicking on it. And if you sponsor a company with a prize, then you will understand that it will be a cheap price. And most of the time it doesn’t happen because those who want to do sponsorship will talk to you first, make a deal with you.

They will take the price from you then they will give their opinion. I’ll give you a thousand dollars before you do this video. There are very few sites like this or very few companies that will come to sponsor you. Apart from this, there are various tempting links. For example, a link may come that a strike is coming to your channel. Mail came from YouTube, to the YouTube template.

This is a scam or a scan or a phishing link. You can say that you have been given a link saying that your channel is on strike, click here to pick up the strike or click here for your next activity. So, if you always see an unusual email that means I’m not going to strike before this videoCheck the video, check the channel dashboard, then you will check whether the email address coming from the email is coming from the domain at YouTube.com or coming from another domain.

Check these and then project. So there are a lot of questions that you need to follow. It is best to check before clicking on a link. Sign out of your channel. Paste this link in ignito mode and then go. And if you want a password there, never give it. So if you can maintain this awareness, your channel can survive hacking.

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Finally a bonus move. There is a lot of time we collaborate with a lot of people on the channel, maybe you are doing it together with a friend. Work mm Which company are you working with. Then all the time your channel manager will give that permission only to that channel or to that person if it is your channel and if you work in a group then in other words if everyone has equal rights then maybe everyone will take ownership but of course Transfer will maintain it Take it, take proper documentation, so that you can avoid cheating. One is hacking and the other is deception. So I said how to survive hacking. The only way to avoid fraud is to use documentation that maintains transparency and gives access to your channel only to those you trust. Hopefully your channel will be protected.

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