If you watch your own YouTube video, it will show whether there is any damage or not

Whether there is any damage:

You are reading this article, which means you must have your own video on your YouTube channel

See for yourself. In that sense, you must be wondering about this topic, if you watch your own YouTube video, will it actually show any harm or not? Or not? I can increase the views by watching my own video, again many people even after monetizing, watching their own video and clicking on AIDS again. I mean, God knows where people get so much courage.

In this article we will discuss what could be the harm to your channel if you have watched your own video. There are many of us who have just started our journey on the new YouTube and know very little about the rules of YouTube and in this case there are many of us who watch the videos on YouTube by themselves after uploading the videos on YouTube. And there are many who look to check the quality. There are many people who are addicted to hobbies and there are many people who click on the ad even after monitoring. So in that case your YouTube channel can be a lot of damage. So the biggest loss that can happen is that the YouTube channel is slowly dying. This is called low playback in the language of YouTube policy.

So let’s see what YouTube policy says first. So in the YouTube policy, using multiple devices at the same time, the video and the same streaming video can be connected to multiple windows and tabs and we will find low quality examples By opening the tap or by opening many taps, you can play your video repeatedly and increase the view. In this case, your channel will fall into the category of low quality playbag. Now you can tell what the real playback section is.

Usually we all know that millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. And on YouTube, it decides which videos will rank, which videos will not rank, or which videos will fall into the third class, or which will fall into the category of one of them. Never mind or these videos will never come to mind after other videos. This means that if you play your YouTube videos manually or think of making your own watch time, or if you click on the top of your ad below, your video will soon get low quality or fall into the category. Again, there are many of us who are very clever, which means there are some public people who have a rope around their necks.

All you have to do is upload that YouTube video from one mobile and upload that YouTube video with another mobile. So basically this is also but Google knows how you are searching for the video and how you are playing it because every video from Google has a back link. So in that case you know YouTube has backlinks to every video. So in that case no matter how many devices you use in a WiFi network, all have the same IP and all have the same MAC address. So I would say that it would be better to never make the mistake of watching your own video without thinking yourself too clever.

Well let’s think you are new to YouTube and you have already made this mistake and what is YouTube offering you as a punishment for this? What kind of punishment will YouTube give you if you have made such mistakes? Hey, what’s the matter? So the YouTube policy is to temporarily freeze the show on YouTube or cancel your changes, metric counts, and low quality playback, which means that if you make these mistakes, you will see your own video, like your own video, comment on your own. If you try to make watch time by repeatedly watching the video yourself, then YouTube has the ability to completely freeze your YouTube channel.

and also has the ability to temporarily suspend your YouTube channel. And the big bad news is that you will never get a YouTube link. So now the question is that Sajal Bhai, I have made such a mistake. I now have a target subscriber on my YouTube channel, but uploading a video does not get over one hundred, two hundred or three hundred views. So, basically this is the same that your YouTube channel is completely frozen. Let me make this a little worse

Here’s how to put one together for use with your YouTube channel. Usually you will see a lot of time that a YouTube channel has ten thousand twenty thousand subscribers. But a video upload has two hundred, one hundred, three hundred views, so you can easily understand that this youtube channel has frozen youtube which is why the view is not happening here.

If this is the case then I would say the perfect solution is to make a lot of impressions on your YouTube channel videos. A solution has been put on YouTube. If you want to see the alternative video provided by YouTube, it is said here that if you create a video app camping, it will be engaged just like your regular video with Google AdS because,

YouTube thinks your content has breath and you have spent money to reach your target audience and that means if any of your YouTube channels are good but totally views are coming In case you are not in such a situation, you can create a video category on YouTube which means that by creating paid ads, you can do some video ad camping through the section. In that case you will make a lot of impressions here and from this impression your youtube channel will gradually start running again. Now many can say that Sajal Bhai, how to run ad camping, how to add because it will cost some money.

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