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Something real about YouTube

Something real:

First of all, maybe today’s words may sound a little bitter because I will share some real things with you on YouTube and after you hear these words, you can feel your change inside yourself. Will come, otherwise why can you bring change? If you have come online with a dream on YouTube or if you want to work on any one platform, first you will have a request to learn the habit of swearing.

No wonder I will break down the details. I think the first time you started YouTube and your channel is exemplified by the Tech YouTube channel and when I started the Tech YouTube channel when my video got two hundred, one hundred and fifty views, but I was trying to give videos of this quality. I would tell you that this way you could increase the views on the video. There are a number of people commenting that there is no view on your video, why I am giving knowledge to others, it is the same time in your case and when you share these videos on Facebook and mention some people and tag some people you will see a lot of abuse but you have to Did I stop at the moment? You will have a request. No matter how many contradictory words are in your comment box, no matter how many contradictory words are said on your Facebook, you will continue to do the same thing.

Give Continuous Video Continue Mention Continue Tag You will need to tag this one time. Come and watch my video, but Alhamdulillah, it is not necessary now, so the day will come when I will tell you to learn to swear and keep doing it. Then I will say one thing, for the sake of the visitors.

Do you think that the video you are watching can be made in a minute when a YouTube content creator comes to you with the intention of making a video from his family first? That’s why he has to invest a lot to get all the equipment ready. Thirdly, avoid the video that makes you sweat and get ready. After completing all the procedures and uploading a video, when you come and watch the video, you touch a three minute video and kill a dislike.

You may have an idea that when someone comes online and uploads a video on his YouTube and sees a disgusting comment on his video, he thinks What happens is that those who see the new situation now will probably feel that there will be a request in my video whether you do it or not, there will be a request, when someone sees that starting a new journey, make a good comment, give a choice,

You will see that the person who has brought a lot in his video the next day, the quality of his video will be better, but the video will continue to give you new gifts. Then one thing I would like to say is that the Bell notification subscriber is what you do when a person subscribes to my channel a little bit, you may subscribe to the channel to keep his mind, and after subscribing, some time later that again Make an unsubscribe. There will be requests, if you have done so with the intention of not subscribing.

Because the person you’re subscribing to on his channel wakes up that night and subscribes to his channel when the person wakes up the next day and sees his subscription Forty-five nights he’s asleep. Fifty-eight wakes up. I don’t know if he’s going to believe his subscription. Forty-eight or thirty-eight. When my journey started. Someone will come to YouTube, if you are new or old, subscribe to the channel, please do not unsubscribe to his channel, if you do not want to, you will not subscribe, but if you do, do not unsubscribe. There will be a request.

Then I will end the video with one last word, that is, when you watch a channel’s video, you don’t have time, if you have any idea why this video is failing. You know that if a video has a reduced watch time, that video goes down. You listened to someone and played the video.

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