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Does Windows Refresh Really Work?

Windows Refresh Key:

This feature is the oldest, hardest and most missed concept among those who use computers. You can get an idea by looking at the title. That is the Windows refresh button. If you are a Windows user, say with your hand on your chest that you have never refreshed in your life. Or if you don’t press refresh once before starting Windows and doing any other work, it seems that the rice in the stomach is not digested. Then I gave the copy, the copy is in it, we have to give it, we have to give it, we have to give it, you know why we have a misconception, we think that if we refresh Windows, then the RAM is clear. Processors help, and our PCs work faster in the end, no matter which processor you refresh, the more you process your Windows, the faster the rocket will be.

How true is this? Let me make it very clear that what you know about the work of this refresh button is completely wrong. This means that your computer is not fast in any way when refreshed. So what is the reality? Before we know it we hear a short story. The story. So when I was in school I had an MP3 player that was one gigabyte. And a huge space for that time. So I went to the market one day with my MP3 player at a computer store where songs are downloaded.

I went there and said that I have to fill one GB full with songs. The man picked the songs and put them in a folder. Then he gave a copy to my MP3 player. And the technology of that era, the MP3 player was copying so slow, Windows was that, I sat for an hour and the copy was not even half. So this afternoon, the guy at the computer was saying, “It’s time for lunch. I’ll go to lunch.” I said ok I will wait for you to come for lunch.

He says you sit here. But I give you a job. The thing is you sit here refreshed and I said what will happen then? Then they will copy quickly, the computer will be fast. I sat here and refreshed for another hour. After an hour, he came to eat. And when I’m refreshing, I’m wondering if the speed increases. I feel that the speed is really increasing, while increasing, it gives life faster. I mean my hands are so turned on, I don’t have to look anymore, I refreshed with my eyes closed, and since then the myth has been growing in me that Windows is fast when you press the refresh button. From then on I would close my eyes and refresh. As far as I know, when we are refreshed, the graphics of the stoppage are actually only refreshing.

Its history is that when Windows Fast started but did not have such a graphical interface, it means you click on My Computer with the mouse, then click on CD II, click on the browser. It was not like that. But before we used to do it through commands, through commands when the first primary Windows is released. Whenever the first GUW came, GUW meant that the graphical processing units or GPUs of the era of graphical usage interface were not so powerful.

That’s why if you have a view of that graphics, it means that if you change something on your desktop, you can drag a folder from one place to another. It would not have moved. In the back, the code may have changed, it has moved from one place to another, but in the front, the skin is not refreshed, in fact, the folder would not move from one place to another. Then the graphical interface would be refreshed as soon as it was refreshed. And we see that the file has moved from one place to another. The graphics processing unit is much more powerful than the modern Windows and modern computers. And these automatically continue to refresh your graphics. That means you don’t have to refresh anymore. Can you now tell why Steel is keeping this refresh button in indoor style?

The reason is that it is still very rare in any case that you have ever changed anything. Safe Example You have renamed a folder but that has not changed initially. It changes as soon as you refresh. From the desktop, you have organized the files, arranged them, refreshed the desktop or the end of your file or any other place there. You have made arrangements but that is business

But the files did not move from one place to another. Then if you refuse, that’s fine. This is the purpose, refreshing in any way does not increase your Windows or your computer’s RAM. Your processor is not clear that the processor will not be too fast.

You mean a CPU of Pentium processor with 1 GB of RAM. You are refreshing. You think it will perform like Core i7. It is wrong. This will never happen. On refresh, the computer slows down. All you have to do is edit the comment, then this performance may become a burden for your computer. Many times when we hang or leak the computer, we try to refresh it more so that the frozen computer of the computer is opened and it becomes fast. And we mean the misconception has arisen so much that if for some reason the lake runs out of refreshments then we think yes it is understood because of refreshments. Then refresh more.

This is the misconception that has arisen, in fact when the lake falls you will lac your computer more in refresh, this is theoretically and practically this is what we do not realize. I hope from now on you will not refresh in Windows for no reason, good luck because of the amount of people who have become accustomed to celebrating people. I know that refreshing will not work. Still. To this day I still refresh Windows. The one that got used to the refresh in an hour, it hasn’t gone yet. It’s not your fault, you haven’t got the right thing yet. So it’s not wrong to create this topic to let you know the right thing yet. Hope you got the right information and try from now on to change the habit as little as possible to refresh because it is a bad habit and it doesn’t work.

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