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How to bring views to your YouTube channel

How to view:

There are three easy ways if you follow, you can bring feedback to your youtube channel from today, I can say with full guarantee. The video is important for everyone, new and old, because since we have a YouTube channel, we can use it today, we can use it from tomorrow. If you want, we can use the old videos to get feedback on our videos. The first thing that will not be there is the comment, through the comment you can get three views from your visitors. It’s a very simple way and it will count on your YouTube channel in a real way. The number one thing you have to follow is that when you comment on a video, you don’t reply to it within a day.

Nothing like that, such as love response or that time you are not harmed. All you have to do is when someone leaves a comment on the 2nd day after the first day is gone, you will reply to a comment. A notification will be sent to you from your channel. Then you have a gap so that one day you can see the status of this video and see what the answer to that answer is and in the same way you don’t want the day and the day of the day to post something that will be but from your channel. Instant Notification If you respond to love, please leave a notification in reply to the comment. The only thing you can do now is to target all your old videos in this way and reply to every comment. You can give profit reward for every comment.

If you like, your channel will be down, but if you reply that some viewers will return to you. The 2nd thing that won’t be there is the intro. I’m not talking about the intro with the animation that we create in the middle point when we start the video, the intro I’m talking about here is when we start the video for example when you watch this video. I started when I started but I told you to cache that if you follow all three you can bring views to your video. This is the real way. And after watching it or listening to it, you may watch the video for a while, and you may finish the whole thing.

As a result of yes the video time will be counted, short videos seen in the video. Did you know that your relative videos are not your main tropics before. If you have a sports video, you can bring up the main topic from there. Five seconds or ten videos related to your cooking. You can cut the main topic of cooking and bring it to the front. Visit your main top to see why you don’t watch your video

The description of the title thumb is just as important as we write the title We create the video but we invite the title access Yes it is important, during our search. “We made the video, and that video is that I only see a few people, but in that case I make that arrangement, compose the Bengali title in the comments, get his median salary, then I document the college title.” Then the references that we search in Bengali, I want to search this title once but before my video, we start searching for this same title to search, but voluntarily related to which your video is not seen. Note in English.

Exactly the same title, as you describe the title, and provide sections of the tag, as a result of information, taxes, descriptions, titles if earned in the same way. Take a look at the allergens in your video today and see the allodics later that are not seen in any of the videos in your video. Compared to the video that the view, view video runners are watching that you have the title, the description will not have some tags, but many times it would be slowly in the rankings and in the future rankings. Yes, uploading a video must follow this detail. Although the video is not small, you can expect your real information to be generated when you see it in your own video.

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